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Fish Day Company to Sell Fish

Fish Day

Our story

What we started as a hobby in 2015 turned into a passion that was embodied in the first steps of the Fish Day project in 2018.

Where we scoured the seas to collect their bounties and make them accessible to all seafood lovers.

Because Our products are delivered fresh to your door with the recipe you prefer for cooking, and because we appreciate the taste of authentic fish, and do not lose its originality with the abundance of spices, the name Fish Day has become a reference that touches the hearts of seafood connoisseurs in Riyadh in a short time.

We have succeeded in Bringing the sea and its beaches close to your doorsteps, so wherever you are in Riyadh, we will bring you the sea in the Fish Day Box.

In order not to be a burden on the environment, we decided on Fish Day to use environmentally friendly boxes, and we also avoid catching fish during the breeding period until Our seas remain rich in their bounties!

Our success story is as deep as the sea!

Like the ocean, it never ends!

On Fish Day, we will continue to explore the seas and their bounties and present them to you in our products,



Its Authentic Taste!

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Delicious fresh seafood

On Fish Day, we offer fresh seafood to give our customers the opportunity to enjoy the authentic delicious taste of the sea and leave them the freedom to add seasonings in quantities that do not affect the original taste of fish.

High quality

We provide the highest quality of fresh marine products caught from the waters of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the waters of countries that provide the best types of fish.

Customers Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the basis of our success, we aim to be the first and best choice for all lovers of fresh seafood.

Customer health and safety

On Fish Day, we care about your health and safety, and therefore we work to deliver all orders of the highest quality and are safely and hygienically packed to ensure that the products are kept fresh for as long as possible.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

In order to preserve the fish wealth for future generations, on Fish Day we are keen to avoid catching fish during their breeding period, and we also use environmentally friendly boxes to protect and preserve them!

Our Vision

We look forward to the authentic seafood lovers receiving their freshest food of the highest possible quality through us in Riyadh and throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world.

Our Mission

Providing fresh and healthy seafood with the best specifications to ensure the health and well-being of the community and increase customer confidence in our products.