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We deliver the sea and its beaches to your doorsteps


Do you serve cooked fish?

No, but in our lab we have 3 sea food experts who arrange your order of marinades and sauces, in a way that makes you the chef. We also show you cooking methods in brochures with each order or through our accounts.

What if I am not available to receive the order?

Your order will be delivered to the address you provided us, and if you are not in the place, the delivery agent will return the order, unless there are additional instructions to leave it elsewhere, so please provide us with the details with the phone number in case you want to change the receiving address.

How will my order arrive?

The order is sent in an eco-friendly insulated box with refrigerated strips, to ensure you receive our products in the best condition.

What areas are served from Fish Day?

Currently, our services are limited to the city of Riyadh only. If you are not sure that you are within the delivery areas, please contact us before confirming the order via the application, website, WhatsApp number, unified number or social media.

How to order

How to order?

You can browse the products page and add what you like to the network (basket), and you can also contact us via WhatsApp or phone number 0558308096

Payment method?

Refer to How to Buy page to learn more about our available payment methods.

Delivery and return

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery costs are only 25 riyals per order, regardless of the number of boxes.

Packaging method?

Zero-vacuum bags, which are food-grade bags that are approved for food and meat and marked as fit for purpose.

Order delivery time?

It takes 3-6 hours to prepare, pack and ship an order

Return the order if I do not want to receive it?

You can return or exchange the order if it is not opened, according to the fish-day exchange and return policy .


Where does the fish come from?

The local fish come from our fishing partners from the shores of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the eastern and western regions. As for the fish that are not found in our seas, we import them from the best sources.

Is the fish fresh?

Yes, the fish is fresh. Therefore, orders made late in the day are executed the next day to ensure that it is fresh.

Frozen fish are placed in the freezers commensurate with the degree of freezing specified for the product.

How to store fish?

Fresh fish should be kept in the refrigerator, cooked and eaten within 3 days. As for frozen fish, it can be stored for up to 3 or 4 months.

As for crab, it should not be stored in water because this will cause it to quickly spoil, Instead, place it at the bottom of the refrigerator and cover it with a damp cloth.

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