Enjoy fishing with Fish Day at home


One of our greatest goals is to provide permanent support to our fishing partners, as we are the main supplier of the most delicious fresh seafood. We look forward to building strong working relationships with the world of restaurants, and hotel chains on the basis of shared values ​​of quality, partnership and trust, we offer a large variety of high quality marine fish.

Fish Day Company is characterized by many services such as the freedom to choose cleaning methods to suit With the policy of the restaurant or hotel chef, personal customer service and providing the finest fish and seafood in Saudi Arabia.

We care about the sustainability of our products, and therefore we make sure that all of them remain available to ensure that the next generation enjoys the same quality and choices of seafood that we have today.

Marine Banquet Service

Fish Day offers a pre-booked cooked fish service, a selection of seafood crafted as a family meal to satisfy all tastes of seafood lovers, with a selection of seafood favorites.

A taste worth trying created by a professional seafood chef!

We also offer special meals for groups such as companies, catering and clubs, which is a menu of various healthy seafood meals at cost for contractors.

You can Reservation via

fresh fish

Enjoying your favorite fresh seafood just got easier and closer than you can imagine with Fish Day!

From the boat to the door of the house, that's how fish day's seafood is brought, fresh and selected from the day's catch.

Cleaned fish:

Fish Day professionals clean seafood to perfection and ready for storage or cooking.

Non-cleaned fish:

You can order fish without cleaning. You'll have it chilled and packed so that the taste of the fish is preserved, in case you want to store it.

Cut Fish:

Cooking delicious dishes just got easier and more fun. On Fish Day, we remove the head, part of the viscera and part of the tail from all types of fish. After cleaning, we cut all kinds of fish into 3 or 4 pieces according to their size.

Sinjari fish:

We prepare the sinjari on fish day by opening the abdomen and extracting the guts from it. Until they're ready to grill, you'll have the perfect barbecue party.


When you order Fish Day fillets, you'll get 4 pieces that are chilled and packed, delivered to you wherever you are in Riyadh.


It takes more than one fish to get one kilogram of fillet, which entails additional costs.

add spices

When you choose a recipe from Fish Day, we prepare exactly the right quantities of spices to preserve the original taste of fish and we attach it to the order.


Your orders are placed Seafood in eco-friendly boxes using Styrofoam plates and vacuum bags to preserve its flavor and freshness.


Enjoy our wide range of fresh sea goodness and have it delivered within 12 hours. Wherever you are and you are at home.

We have a team of specialists and a fleet of highly equipped vehicles to transport our products by land, sea and air to get your orders fresh, delicious and on time.

Chef's Box

Choose the recipe you want from among the many Fish Day recipes and get with it a Fish Day Chef's Box that contains all the ingredients you need in the perfect ingredients that preserve the original fish taste, in addition to the detailed instructions that must be followed to prepare the meal. This box has been prepared for you by our professional chefs for you to enjoy an unforgettable taste.

Fish Day Gift Box:

Send your loved ones with special gifts from Fish Day on their special occasion and we will Delivered to you anywhere in Riyadh. Your gift will be nicely packaged in a styrofoam box, and to make the gift even more special, you can also include a note with your package to make the recipient happy.